Thursday, August 23, 2012

Earrings- from sketch to actuality.

 My little machine and I make things.
I'm currently too busy (and broke) being a mum to study fashion, so I do my own studies and projects because it is a joy to explore my passion.

I'm currently reading Fashion Illustration School 

It's nice to find a book that's not aimed at absolute beginners to drawing, but can show you simply how to improve where needed (can you say "Drawing Hands!">?).

I love this book, it's made my product idea sketches so much easier to envision.

Here's a quick set I drew up.
I love the earrings, they're something new and different.

Here's one of my prototypes.
I'm yet to purchase the proper fastenings (a chain and earring prong), but it's definitely a marketable concept and there's a light blue pair I'm in love with which can sit on my hoops for now.

The idea is to utilise fabric scraps (most of my projects recycle these) and save them from landfill.
Fashion earrings can have such a range with the introduction of displaying a fabric, which means trending end-of-roll fabric can be used.

Interfacing is needed for lighter fabrics and weight can be added to sheers with semi-precious stone rubble.
I also have many ideas for resin (lucite), oh what could be immortalised.

I like to dream- these would be great to make en-mass, I hope to one day design for a large company interested in sustainability and using vegan materials.
I'm going to make a few of these and see if the cafe' I sell my bags in are interested in displaying them for sale.

And they make great coffee so it's a good excuse to pop in ;)

What do you think?

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