Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Redheads see things differently- colour mixing

Redheads see things differently

Redheads see things differently by simplastic featuring a chain necklace
The idea behind 'Redheads see things differently' is focused on colour.
Being a redhead, without a neutral colour on top, there is another tone to work into the colour scheme of any outfit/makeup.
Another factor is the signature pallid complexion and often cute freckles, making a unique canvas for colours to fit into.

As a general rule, more natural, autumn colours befit a gorgeous ginger.
Think Olive green, Peach, Dusky pink, Teal, Mustard (sparingly), Tinted greys, Lilac, Fawn, Gold yellow and Deep chocolate.
As a rough rule, if the colour exists in nature, it's a go.

Use with CAUTION:
ANY neons (hold item up against your face to check colour compatibility before purchasing and try to stick to small accessories if you must have it), Cool reds, Bright purples, Navy (the darker, the better), yellow-gold jewellery (if fair) and Barbie pink.

That being said, the rules were made to be broken (or at least bent).

I have a theory that perhaps the outfit choice of a redhead, presented without a reference to hair colour is not very well translated to a brunette, blonde or raven-haired fashionista.
As similar as we are, we are all wonderfully unique and can use what we wear to best compliment our features.

And such a theory surely settles this ginger's constant question often posed perusing a fashion-mag spread, "How do I make THAT work? I don't get it..". Perhaps they just don't get us.

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