Saturday, September 22, 2012

Family picnic- Beautiful Australia

Family picnic

Today was such a wonderful day.
Australia is a beautiful place, it's nice to pop into a nature reserve park for a barbecue, past the gumtrees with white cockatoos squawking, as the sun sets and cyclists pass on their scenic route in the distance.

Setting up in the last rays of  today's Springtime sun, showing little hands how to peel paperbark and  where wattle flowers are, spying bunnies shying in the darkness on a drive back home towards a bay of  bleeding rainbow skies.

This is pretty much what I wore today for family veggie-burger flipping and enjoying the very best things life gives us in good company.

..Except I made the bag and knitted bracelets myself.


Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Hope you have a lovely day :)

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