Saturday, September 15, 2012

Heelless heels- do you wear the glass slipper?

A new pair of shoes

A new pair of shoes by simplastic featuring Giuseppe Zanotti heelless heels
Any excuse for new shoes is a good one.

I'd personally never wear these pretty shoes (They have a suede upper and leather lining) but love the 'hoof' look of heelless platforms.
A little like urban stilts, these Swarovski crystal studded beauties with set you back a pretty penny.

These are much like a chopine, a shoe (or overshoe) made to keep one's foot out of muck in the street and literally tower (or wobble) over people in the 1500s-1700s.
The height of the chopine would indicate the social status of the wearer, with some shoes being over 20 inches (50cm) high!

Most fashionistas sporting chopines at the time would need a servant or two to accompany them.. as a leaning post..
Even Lady Gaga has been known to have a topple or two on her heelless booties.
Luckily she has an entourage to hang onto.

Learn more about antique chopine construction and older style shoes here:

Have you scaled the heights of a heelless shoe?
Would you?

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