Saturday, September 8, 2012

Set Looks in reality

I like to assemble outfits on Polyvore.
It's all well and nice to imagine outfit after outfit, but pulling it off in everyday life is another story.

Here was my planned outfit for the day before I did my hair and makeup, a Zimmerman bluebell dress I hadn't got around to wearing yet.

The front split in the button-up dress and the sheer eyelet made a slip of sorts a requirement.
I thought I'd make it fun by layering underneath and on top.
I love bib and collar dresses with layers.

The shoes weren't brilliant to be honest, but they were my best pair for a walk in the weak early-spring sunshine. I know what I'll be spending my artist's earnings on this month :)

 Buuut.. like we ladies are prone to do, I changed my mind and dress, opting for a printed sheer dress and collar necklace. A little less fancy for mum duty and a visit to the doctors.

'The costume test' teehee.
I liked my outfit, on to the little man's.
A little matchy perhaps but I was just ecstatic he finally wore the cap I made him.

Every day, no matter how menial, is a chance to try something new, to be yourself and to share a day with those special to you.
Special enough for a gingerbread man treat ;)

How do you work your outfits around kids?
How would you pair a sheer dress?
How do I wear that lovely Zimmermann dress? Does it require dying my hair or is it just me?

Thanks for reading, hope you have a beautiful day!

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