Sunday, September 2, 2012

Strawberries smashed through icecream

Strawberries smashed through Icecream

Strawberries smashed through Icecream by simplastic featuring opi nail polish
Inspired by dessert.
How incredibly cute is that cream whip ring?

How to make a smashed strawberry cone:
Pour chocolate topping or make your own (cook sugar, cocoa powder and coconut cream or a dribble of water and microwave on high for 20-45 seconds) into a waffle cone and pop in the freezer to harden.
Cut tops off fresh strawberries (or any other berries) and squish with a fork, leaving a few lumps of fresh strawberry bites throughout.
Add your icecream and gently whip it through the strawberries until just pink with berry swirls.
Freeze if needed, then serve in waffle cone.

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