Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dirty Secrets

Dirty Secrets

Okay, hello there everyone tuning in by cables and wireless signals across the globe.
We all have a dirty little secret, niggling our insides, nibbling at our integrity and peeking it's foul stinking head out when most inconvenient.
They're not the innocent little secrets, the dancing around singing into a hair brush to terrible tunes sort of secret, it's darker, the part of ourselves we don't want to admit to.

We all have it, the inner turmoil, violence, jealousy, hatred, bitterness.
The memories we want to disappear.
You're not alone.

Perhaps our shortcomings, our secrets, our forever untold stories have some morbid beauty in that they might hint to the juxtaposing forces of (if you will) the soul within.

Perhaps we are perfectly imperfect and there is some aesthetic in such dark beauty we may stumble upon to search to succeed, to love all of ourselves, not just the presentable selection.

That's enough talk (and wine) for tonight.
Let's put those skeletons back in a fabulous closet and endeavour to think fondly upon them as a learning step, a resource, or kindling for passion.

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