Saturday, January 5, 2013

Style icons- Which one will you be?


What is a style icon?
It could be a stranger on the street, someone you know or even a celebrity.

What they all have in common is this:
They have the ability to wear (or not wear) clothes which is striking and memorable.

They may turn heads and start trends, breaking all the right rules.

Think Twiggy, Anna Wintour, Grace Kelly, Lady Gaga, James Dean, Madonna and Brigitte Bardot, Rachel Zoe.
They all took a chance to secure their own styles.

What we choose to wear and how we wear it defines our style.
Daring to try something new, against the norm is what makes an icon.

"Find what works for you and stick with it.
Be inspired, but creative.".

Trends come and go, but knowing what suits you and your body best can define your style.
There are two easy ways to highlight your own:

An item placed against a blank background stands out much more than one in a cluttered scene.
Make one stand out piece (cut, makeup or even accessory) in your outfit the star, with clean cut pieces and minimal (or similar) colours.
Sticking to simple shades, such as black, white and grey for your background can also make your outfit more adaptable throughout the day for different social occasions.

Your signature, be it flared pants, bright eyeshadow, a headband, puff sleeves, delicate chains or even your favourite colour can be incorporated subtly in to any outfit with a little imagination.

There's no mistaking that style, it's yours alone. You have an ancient traditional garment mixed with the latest metallic hybrid material, or you have more vests than teeth, from fringed to floral.
These are examples of style fusion, history and interpretation.

It's all about mixing your discoveries up, breaking moulds in a fluid fashion of trial and (hopefully few) errors.
These are the amazing people who thought beetroot + necklace + Vintage dress and made it work in their own way.

No matter what level you take it to, whether you sport neon specs or care to clash your prints, it's a fun form of expression and experimentation.

Make it recognisably you by with a memorable haircut or accessory.

Above all, whether you choose to be inspired by the girl next door or inspire with your own garb, have a blast, be comfortable and enjoy!

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