Saturday, January 5, 2013

New years Resolution #1

New years Resolution #1

Happy 2013!
What resolutions are you looking to follow in the new year?

Looking at the throwaway fashions of today, it's easy to get caught up in trends and bargain finds.
But what is a bargain?

It may be cheap, but is it the perfect colour, size, style that your heart was set on?
If the answer is no to any of these, put it down!
Put that wallet away!

There are so many choices in fashion today, anyone can cultivate their own style.
The things to remember are what you love to wear and what suits you.
Do you feel comfortable in boot leg jeans? Is arm candy your thing? Do you love to adorn your hair?
It's your own special mix of recognising (in a long term view) your own likes and dislikes which can really make your personality shine through.

Wardrobe planning, no matter how simple can save you a lot of frustration and potentially money.
Look for colours which compliment your skin tone, basics you can mix and match and stand out accessories you're excited to tote about.

Be prepared to invest in well made pieces (within your price range) rather than speed through a few poor fitting or inferior alternatives simply because they're going cheap.
Here less is more, get rid of clothes you'll never fit into again, fix stained, holy or ripped items, or give them the flick.
A good system of maintenance is as you bring one item in, one must go to make room.
Consider this as you shop the sales.
Make sure it's comfortable, functional and above all, trade a cluttered wardrobe for one you can't wait to dive into.

Dorothy Perkins peach top, $27 / Mango pants / Lilly Pulitzer t strap wedge sandal / Cheap Monday / Chloé bangle bracelet, $290 / Knitted scarve / Stella McCartney logo sunglasses / Moooi Altdeutsche Wardrobe, $8,105

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